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I’m in the process of relocating across country and I wanted to get some feedback on how to secure type in the cases prior to transport. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you

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Get some cardboard and cut to size inside the case. It will be a little higher than case sides but that is ok. Then add another case to top of first one and when you have about six all with the board between, strap them together as one big pile. If too heavy just tie up four and strap.

For my last move I did something like Highlands suggests, but I used plenty of stretch wrap to keep the cases and cardboard snug. If there is some especially delicate type that is rather loose in the compartments, stuff in some tissue. I had anywhere from one to four cases wrapped together. If you hire movers, like I did, train them to carry the cases level and then keep an eagle eye on them to be sure they do that.-Bob

I moved my shop a few years ago, and although the move was not cross country I think you may find some interesting things that I did to make it easy as possible.
Check out this video.
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Thanks to everyone for the input. I do have many delicate type like scripts, and Dutch Initials etc. I will stuff tissue and secure up the cases with cardboard or I might have foam board that I can use. And thank you Steve for the video as I have two vandercooks one SP15 and a number 2. The flat bed is an excellent vehicle to use but I’ll need to look at an enclosed trailer. Thanks

As you can see from the video using a rented engine hoist was very helpful in moving the Vandy.
One of the things I did was jack the press up to install runners. But since the lower part of the press had very little solid metal to lift from I used triple-sistered 2x4s placed under the bed to lift the press to install the wooden runners.
You may be able to discern the process from this photo.

image: IMG_0994.jpeg


Enclosed rental trailers often have no tie-down hardware. The wooden rails on the inside of the box will not hold anything heavy in case of sudden braking or swerving. An open trailer with lots of tie-down opportunities is much preferable in my opinion. Cover with a tarp in case of rain.

There are no replacement handles available for the Vandercooks in case of breakage. Every time I see a press being moved with the handle attached makes me cringe because that is the one part most often broken. Please remove the handles every time a press is moved, even across the room.