Part for a Ludlow hot metal type setter

I volunteer at a printing museum in Brisbane Australia and we are trying to get our Ludlow operating. Would anyone know of where I can get a throat thermostatt as ours is shot and cannot be repaired the bottom heater has melted.

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You should contact Dave at

Thank you I will make contact.


Our Ludlow is now operating thank you all. Does anyone know where I can get lay/gauge pins for a hand fed platen. We operate and demonstrate a 1910 Arab.


Hi All,
We were going through some gear at the museum and found an item which we are not sure of what use it is. Have attached pics. Any clues.

image: CG2.jpg


image: CG1.jpg


I *think* that is the piston-part of a micrometer. I have attached a photo of one I own to illustrate.

image: micrometer.jpg


Thank you. It does look something like that but no measurments in thou or mm. It is also about 4” or 100mm long. Above those increments is CG

If you would measure the thread pitch inside, it could help determine the end use. Clearly it was fitted into some other fixture, but printing and typesetting has had some very specialized dimensions to measure.