Side “posts” on Ajax Master printing press—how to use?

I have acquired an Ajax Master press. It has two metal posts bolted into the base on either side of the press which I assume are supposed to keep the stock firmly against the platen as it moves forward for an impression.

The posts are just threaded at the ends that pass through the body with two nuts holding the posts in place.The posts are currently at different angles.

I guess something is supposed to go between the posts but I have not seen any pictures of the press in action to show how the posts should be used. Rubber bands may be an option, which I have not tried yet

Does anyone have any useful ideas?

I am aware that there are other versions of this press which have different mechanisms for holding stock against the platen but mine is absent any such mechanisms.

PS. The press came without a chase. Anyone got a spare one for sale?

image: 58E3BA03-2CFC-49D4-B463-DD935C8F781E.jpeg


image: 9664673A-CABB-405A-B408-F1DDBCF39E43.jpeg


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I have seen a few Ajaxes, and none of them have had those on the side, nor holes in the base casting for them to fit into…

Could potentially be an aftermarket addition? No clue what they would be for. Maybe ask Urbanfox.letterpress on Instagram, he has had at least one Ajax Master in his inventory, and few have dug through so many tabletop platens in the UK.

I have bits of probably two Ajaxes. Both incomplete. I have never seen the attachment you show in the oics. BUt I do have a lots of bits of the Adana parts or” fingers” and holding box units to go with, to do the same job. Are yours square in section or round?, and if square what dimension material, quarter inch by quarter inch maybe?

I am fairly certain these posts are not aftermarket additions.

Adana & Ajax printing machines, a user on Flickr, has many images of these presses with posts and other more sophisticated arrangements. See here for example:


To harrildplaten:
My posts are round and about 1/4” in diameter from memory. My press is away in a garage at present.

I have seen photos of this press with real fingers (see my post above) and I wonder if what you have could be attached to my press.

Would you mind sending some photos either to this discussion or by PM.

Do you have a chase for sale?

I suppose if using string/rubber-bands, this would allow you to print larger formes than you could with regular grippers mounted below the chase.

But the misalignment wouldn’t make much sense in that case? Surely their angles should be even in order to hold the stock against the platen? I know they might just be bumped out of alignment, but the ones on Flickr seem to be similarly positioned.

To: Kimahoe

I am sure the similar “arrangement” of the posts in the photos is purely coincidental.

I agree the posts should be positioned at the same angle and I think the angle should be close to parallel to the side of the platen at impression.