No Ls

Hello all this isn’t a Christmas post, but seasons greetings.

Years ago I was given a few cabinets of type, they came from a working printers. But in many cases of type I can’t find any lower case L sorts.

Any ideas on where these might be hidden or any facts on why this is the case - for example would a printer deliberately remove the ls for some reason?

Any clues on this mysterious situation would be very appreciated. Thank you

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Check the capital “I” section. I’ve had cases of type that had cap I and lower case L mixed.


Check the numeral one box too. Some fonts are hard to tell apart.


Accidental double-tap

Have they managed to slip sideways under the partition and get into the thins box? I have seen this many times with ancient cases.

And another thing, when a small commercial jobbing house was closing down, it was not unknown for all the ‘A’s to be taken out and thrown away. The bitter union members
well knew of the small amateurs and believed (wrongly) that they were one of the reasons for them loosing their jobs.
Thereby rendering the fount useless. I know for certain of two outfits when I was getting some bits before the scrapman arrived where this was true e.g. the former Dramrite Ltd in London SE1. . The men had reason to be bitter, they had committed so much of themselves to letterpress … .

Thanks all. I have been using 1s and Is but will look under the thins, maybe the Ls are body conscious being next to the big fat ms so have hidden amongst more similar skinny sorts…