Italian Type Founders

I came across an interesting web site today. In well done English and covering contemporary digital stuff, the site had several well done articles on Italian typefounding in the 50s and 60s, until the demise of Nebolio in the 1970s. I didn’t know that they had over 2000 employees until the 1960s and that’s amazing considering ATF had less than 20 when they shut down in 1993. Take a look at

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Vey interesting, Fritz. I always wondered what was hiding behind the covers of that beautiful green catalog of theirs. “There are eight million stories in the … Realm of Letterpress Printing. This has been one of them.”

The UK agents for Nebiolo type was Messrs Soldans, at an address near Old Street tube station. I have one of their founts, with milled off feet to UK/US ./918 height