10”x15” C&P throw off lever locked…

Second question, I have no idea what the long rod with a threaded end is. It appears to be attached to the throw off lever but on the motor side of the press. The throw off lever is locked into print mode. I looked on the parts diagram for 10”x15” NS but that piece is not on the diagram. Any suggestions what to do with this and how to unlock the throw off lever? I’ve attached a pic.

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image: IMG_0147_0.jpg

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It appears the rod is a jury-rigged affair - for purpose unknown. Removing it will probably allow free movement of the throw-off lever. Ensure you clean and lubricate the oil holes of the mechanism because if the throw-off hasn’t been used for a time the holes might well be plugged. In my opinion

This rod is most assuredly not a “jury-rigged affair.” This press appears to have had a feeder on it at one time. I believe I see part of a clutch in the picture. This rod was part of the automatic throw-off mechanism. If the press missed picking up a sheet it would automatically throw off the impression lever. It will not harm this press to remove this rod.
Regarding your motor mount, you need to have someone with some mechanical ability help you straighten this out. It is too difficult to try to explain in writing. I do not have one of these motor mounts in my shop at this time to take a photo of; perhaps someone else might. While you’re at it, get an electrician in to clean up that wiring before you burn up your shop.

Yes, I agree with the wild wiring safety hazard. At this point I have been going back and forth from home to the motor repair shop, so we are just trying to see if this motor will work THEN clean up the hazards. It looks like I will have to get a new motor which will be much safer anyway.

Thank you for your comments John and Laurence!

The rod is/was, most assuredly, a jury-rigged affair. It’s not, however, a ‘jerry-rigged’ affair. There is a difference. The detail is contained in any good dictionary. The word, ‘pompous’ might well be examined too. Sigh. In my opinion.

Did you ever get the problems worked out with this press? I have yet to find a press in my inventory with a motor mount like this but was told by someone else that this rod was part of the motor mount.
If you care to tell what city you live in, perhaps we could find someone to come over and give you some help.

Thanks for asking. Yes, I finally bought a V-belt and hooked the motor up to the fly wheel. It seems to be working perfectly now after weeks of trying to make the solution more complicated.
The rod was definitely for holding the motor up.
I live in Austin and would love to know any and all letterpress resources here. As far as I know there are about three of us actively printing but we are all on the same experience level. Again, thank you for your reply.

Great that you got your press going. It kept bugging me, wondering if you had figured it out. Austin has some sort of letterpress workshop somewhere there. I had a friend from New Orleans work there after Katrina. If you don’t know anything about it I’ll check with my friend. Austin used to be pretty active letterpress-wise back when Thomas Taylor had his bookstore and press going. There ought to more than three of you there.
I’m in Little Rock and yes I know that’s a long way from Austin but should you ever find yourself in the neighborhood, get in touch with me, I’ve got a big pile of presses and type.