C&P 8x12 Rider Roller?

I recently acquired a new press, and with it came a rider roller that I think is for an 8x12 C&P. Seems to fit my New Series perfectly. Anyone seen one of these before?

Gerald Schulze
Detroit, USA

image: Rider Roller

Rider Roller

image: Rider Roller End

Rider Roller End

image: Rider Roller End 2

Rider Roller End 2

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I have one for my 10 X 15 that is identical except for its correspondingly greater length. There is a tiny oil hole on top of the non-threaded end of the shaft. You might not see it if the vibrating roller is too far to the right. It was covered by various patents issued to Arthur Daane in the 1920s, so probably was made around then if they were still pending.

I had one for my 10 x 15.

I had one for my 10 x 15.

I think it was also an Acme distributor I got from Harry Lincoln for a 10x15, but it had brackets for mounting it between the lower and upper saddles. This distributor here would probably mount on the upper saddle. Imagine a C&P with both upper and lower distributors. Ghostbusters!