Adana 3 Hs ink disk

I have recently purchase an Adana 3 hs. I’m not sure the ink disk is the correct one. Given the age of the press, this is not a surprise . But a previous owner has built a wooden shelf to sit the bar of the disk at the right height. I would appreciate any input on this.

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See below.

Some photos of the machine.

image: 5 Medium.jpeg

5 Medium.jpeg

image: 2 Medium.jpeg

2 Medium.jpeg

image: 4 Medium.jpeg

4 Medium.jpeg

image: 1 Medium.jpeg

1 Medium.jpeg

I would ask Roy Caslon at the firm of that name in St Albans, he really knows about the various models of their machines, and sells them too. in some cases also spares. Very helpful chap with various composing room bits on sale as well

It is the correct disc, but the pawl mechanism has been changed. The original one was multi-part and I am guessing was to get around patents. It is over complicated and of no improvement. I have one, and it is annoying as it falls off every time I remove the disc.
Yours, like many others, has been changed to a standard pawl action. Roy Caslon will have a better description, but if it prints, you’re set. You cold possibly make a washer riser instead of the wood block, though.

Thank you HarrildPlaten. Appreciate the response and I will contact Roy.

Thank you Galenasmart, really helpful reply. It’s been puzzling me about the disk and it’s good to know it’s the correct one. I’m going to follow your advice about the washers and contacting Roy. I will follow up with updates as things develop.