a question about moving my C&P…

It’s currently in storage and I’m about to move it to a new studio. I don’t have easy access to it in storage and I can’t remember how wide it is. This means I’m worried about it fitting through the door! Can someone remind me how wide a C&P 10x15 Old Style is? My next question is: if it’s too wide for the doorway, can it be disassembled very easily? Thanks all!

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The one in my garage is ~44” wide. That is with the flywheel and shaft still in the press. This one has the full length shaft with the steam pulley on the right. If you take just the flywheel out of the press then it is about 32”. So it depends on how wide the door in question is and how much the door opens. Taking the door off its hinges and even removing the doorframe temporarily is not an unheard of maneuver when moving a press. Complete dismantling is not advised for beginners, though it is not all that difficult if you have a bit of help. Putting it back together is more interesting, but again doable with a bit of help.

Updated. Hi — I own a 10x15 new series C&P. I’m out-of-town for several months, so I can’t measure the press (which is probably an inch or two wider than an old series). However, on the occasions when I’ve had problems getting through a door, it was not a problem to detach the fly wheel and cam shaft, gently slide it out of the press, and move it through the door.

Remember, though, if you haven’t moved presses before, the C&P is very, very top heavy. Move it in a closed position (removing the rollers, of course. You don’t want to flatten them in transport). I sold an 8x12 to some people two years ago who loaded it on a flat bed trailer, insisted they knew what they were doing tying it only at the bottom, and two minutes after paying for it and leaving my studio, proceeded to tip it over and break the flywheel when they went around the very first corner.

Hope the info is useful to you…

Barry Dapeer


I moved (or rather a moving company moved) my 10x15 C&P a couple of years ago. To fit through a 36 inch door we had to remove the platen assembly from the press. Once done it fit with some manevering through the door flywheel attached. Remember, all parts of a 10x15 C&P are HEAVY!!! To remove the platen you need to firse secure the platen to the body of the press with a come-a-long so it can be lowered to the floor once the side rods are removed. Once on the floor the axle rod on which the platen hinges can be pounded out with a sledge hammer and heavy rod of smaller diameter. Good luck, it’s like moving the pyramids.

What jgbeaumont is calling the platen assembly is really the bed, I think. Removing the platen won’t make the press any narrower. (see the parts list for the C&P on the Boxcar site: http://www.boxcarpress.com/flywheel/manuals/CP_PartsList.pdf to get the correct name for the various pieces/parts. Makes thing a lot easier to understand if we’re all speaking the same language)

If you remove the bed as described you need to remove the inking system first otherwise it is just in the way and too easy to break. Also makes it a lot lighter if it is stripped down.

The bed will *not* lay down flat on the ground on a 10x15 OS, you’ll need a bunch of 2x4s and 4x4s to prop under the top end of the bed until you get the bed shaft (axle) removed.

So where are you Amy? There might be someone nearby that can help.

Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions. I’m not moving this thing until January 1, so I have some time to figure it out. I’ve moved it before, but always to/from places with garage doors or double doors. The doorway it has to go through this time is about 35”. I am pretty sure I can get together enough people to move it if it has to come partially apart. I’m in St. Louis, MO.

One last thought, Amy, I’ve been buying and selling and moving presses for 40 years. All these well-meaning people are getting you into trouble with this thing. The easiest thing to do is take apart the door jamb. Consider it. It will save you a lot of grief. It’s not wise to dismantle the press to the extent that some are suggesting.

Thanks, Barry. I will do my best to keep the press intact. I agree that it will be best for everyone if I can.