Lead Type

I just purchased a couple of Hamilton cabinets and they are full of lead type. I tend to print with either woodtype or photopolymer, so I don’t really have use for the lead. Is there much of a market – ebay or otherwise – for it? I’d probably have to pie the type, since I’m keeping the drawers. Should I just dump what I don’t want?

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Updated. You don’t want to pie the type, please don’t. First try to identify the type you have by name and pt size.

Once you have done that list it here and Letpress.

Someone might buy it or you should donate it to a letterpress printer that wants to print from it. When you pie the type it will scar the face so try not to put into baggies. Wait till you here from someone.

You can look in the American Metal Typefaces of the Twentieth Century by McGrew.

I print from mag plates, photopolymer, linocuts, metal and wood type. Anytime I do self promotional or personal stationary for cards I use my type in the cabinets. So it may be worth hanging onto.

Just curious, why did you buy the cabinets if you don’t want the type?


I’ll go through and try to identify what I’ve got. And no, I’d rather not pie the type. The last thing I want to do is “scare” anything. ;-)

Might be a good idea to let the world know what faces you have, as someone might be interested. The “market” depends on scarcity & condition.

I have boxes and boxes (and boxes) of wood type and need the cabinets to store it.

Lead for mono types are re-cycleable. In
California, if you recycle them, you might get 20 cents to 25 cents per lb.

Where are you located? After the type is disposed of, you will still have to knock out all the partitions so that your wood type would be stored in the most accessible manner. Do you have any interest in trading these cases for blank cases plus some cash? Could you send me or post a photo of the cabinets so I know what kind of cases you are looking for?

Paul Aken

The cases are all original to the cabinet and have matching Hamilton handles, so I’d rather not split them up. But, yes, I am going to have to knock out the partitions.

I’ll hopefully have some descriptions/IDs of the type in the next few weeks. I’m in North Jersey, if anyone is close by and wants a look.

If you don’t mind my comments;
Below is a way to pre-Test your idea….

I have a large collection of wood type and some cabinets with the compartments knocked out (given to me, I didn’t do it). You would think the drawers would hold alot of wood type but it doesn’t.

Take a second thought for doing it your way. I was not happy with the knocked-out drawers . (The knocked-out drawers will not hold much wood type). To test it, take a sheet of paper or cardboard the size of the footprint of the bottom of the drawer, then palce type on this sheet. Will this meet your requirement??
I have 3 Hamilton cabinets also with lead type. I want to give away the smaller fonts below (approx) 18 to 24 point. Please free to contact me re: this. Chatham, Ontario, Canada.

I would be interested in purchasing the type from you, if you can preserve the quality of the type face. I have a letter press that I just purchased and am looking to become equipped enough to print small tracks and invitations to our community’s charitable organizations.