why is this happening

It does this exact thing with every print. Is there something wrong with the die, seems like the ink doesn’t get distributed correctly there. I switched rollers around the die looks fine close up don’t know whats going on

you can view a close up here

image: 2228815875_b44f34222b.jpg

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did you check your rails? if you have them taped, a bump or disruption in the tape caused by wear and tear may prevent your roller from hitting properly… or you could have some small debris stuck on the rail. just one possibility.

just checked the rails, even took off some layers of tape and it still did it.. I thought when you said that, it was for sure going to be the trick

Just to rule out the obvious…Have you tried a bit of makeready under the light spot?

When this happens when I print a few things come to mind. I check roller height, ink consistency (am I running enough ink), plate (what kind of plate are you using, and packing.

When your trying to get an even coverage a few things can also come into play. How big is this image your printing? With a platen press sometime inconsistent ink coverage can happen with larger images. If your running type on the same plate you can’t just put more ink on the press to get the graphic inking consistent because the type will plug up, so you may need to run type and image separate.

You may have already run through all these scenarios, if not then keep us posted.


so I checked just about everything; cleaned the press real well brushed the die real well packed the press with new packing did some readymade under the spots that were giving me the troubles and it help some what but didn’t get rid of the problem. I read somewhere that it is hard to print the color brown

If a little makeready helped…try some more. I have a cut that has a significant low spot in the middle that is not obvious to visual inspection. Makeready (and more makeready) was the cure. If you have a dial-type type-high gauge (Vandercook, etc.) test the cut to make sure it is all at type height. or at least evenly high.

I’ve never had any problem with brown ink.

I’ve been told using a small bit of transparent white will smooth out the ink. Don’t use too much as it will thin the color

i don’t think the brown ink is your problem, especially if it always does it in the same spot. if you’re really curious, try it with a different color, but i’d take arie’s suggestion first and safe yourself a roller cleaning.

Well I figured it out, I had a hard piece of cardboard that I had repeatedly used and had a few dents. I feel pretty stupid. now I just need to get the ink displacement even, seems thin in some places, I think i’ll try just more ink

Thank you all for your help