Mag plate on boxcar base

I was thinking about taking a magnessium plate and sticking it to my boxcar base…does anyone know if that will be type high?

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I think you will find that there is not enough relief if the base you are using is for the standard relief boxcar plates (.037”) however, the deep relief plates they sell are .060” and standard 16 ga. magnesium plates should measure about .0625”, so just a tad thicker. Not enough to notice. If your base was designed to work with the thicker plates, you should be in good shape.

You will have to make certain the plates are flat and without a burr from cutting, as that would raise the edges and could cause them to ink. Sometimes a shear will cut leaving a bit of a curl if it is not as sharp as it should be or if the cut plate is from the backside and not the bed side of the shear blade.

Anyway, it certainly is worth doing if you have the proper base and have easy access to the mag plates.