Didot Spacing Material

I am trying to locate some Didot spacing material for European fonts I have. I don’t need much, as I only set a few lines at a time, but I need it in many sizes, 6pt. to 48pt. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am sure it must be availabe in Europe, but I don’t know where to look.

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Try to contact Georg Kraus www.bleisetzer.de at [email protected] - he might be able to help you.
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Years later, but I have the same question. I have in the past used the next size smaller of spacing, and then shimmed up the longer areas of spacing (i.e. at the end of a short line) with coppers or brasses laid crosswise. It locks up fine, but takes more time.

Now, I have just purchased some lovely didot type. Did you have any luck finding a source, mknudsen? Are there any casters out there who could generate off-sized spacing?

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Have you spoken to Rainer Gerstenberg?

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