problems with registration please help

I am printing on a heidelberg windmill and when i feed each paper one by one which takes forever stopping and starting the machine the registration is almost perfect. But when I put a few papers for the machine to take up by itself the registration is off a few mm up or down it just decides on its own. This happens when I use guides and when I don’t. Can someone please help me troubleshoot the problem so i can get near perfect registration every time.
thank you

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Due to slighty off grippers I run every job on guides. Make sure the the left side standard is in the correct position.with the adjusting stop in the position acoording to what type of guides you’re using. Also if the guide that comes up thru the gripper when the gripper opens to release the stock is adjusted to the left too far it can cause the stock to bounce back. Ron

thanks everyone i just don’t understand if i place the papers one by one the registration seems to be perfect its only when i put a bunch of sheets on the press that it goes off registration. If it were the gripper problem or guide problem wouldn’t it loose registration even if i fed it sheet by sheet?

BespokePress has a thread going about registration problems on a windmill. Check that out and perhaps you will find your answer. Depending on your location maybe someone could physically help you troubleshoot.

it could be your pile height, is the sheet hitting the gripper before it has a chance to grab it, there could be many things causing this, if this happens with or without guides it might be the grippers need to be adjusted up or down, it should tell you how to do this in the manual. good luck dick g.

wildmh2000 can you give me a link i can’t seem to find it

how can i get my windmill to pickup lattera paper one at a time. I have been tweeking it for hours and nothing it either picks up 2-3 papers or none…. just going crazy… please help

Have you watched to see if your sheet is hopping off the guide when the press is moving?

When you do it one-by-one, it’ll set it gently down on the guides, even if they’re not quite adjusted right.

If it’s a particularly long sheet, it’ll have enough flex to plop down on the right guide, and fall in front of the left. The skill of your setup really becomes obvious when you’re in production.

I find it very helpful to feed a few sheets (with impression off) and watch from the side to see if everything is going smoothly.