fluorescent ink needed - PMS 805

I’m looking to purchase a small quantity of PMS 805 (fluorescent ink). I see that The Excelsior Press offers tubes of this ink for sale. Does anyone else carry this ink? I can purchase directly from VanSon but they only offer the 1 lb. can.

Any help with this would be appreciated.



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talk them into 806, i have an extra can. dick g.

Thanks, Dick. Couldn’t talk them into anything other than 805! Thanks for your reply. Joshua

Try Oldham Ink Group in Ft Worth, TX, here’s the info. They can make any ink for you at a reasonable price.

(817) 554-0041

Thanks so much for the lead! Joshua

Most ink makers will not sell less than a pound of ink, especially if it is a special mix. Stock inks are made in large batches and put in cans, then on a shelf. They usually make 300 - 500 pounds at a time. Fluorescent inks don’t sell very quickly, not as much call for them as there was in the 1970s.


Thanks, Paul. I’m going to buy a 1 lb. can direct from Van Son. There will be plenty of leftovers!