Aldus (Palatino Book) by Monotype, possible to get?

Aldus has always been on of my favorite faces and I have been looking for it in handset variety. Digital I have but I have little desire to really use PP plates so I am wonder if it is even possible to get Aldus as a fount.

I know Zapf wanted to call it Palatino Book but the several sites I have looked through that cast type, no one seems to have it or anything close to it listed.

Any ideas?

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One step closer!
Now to find a type caster with Stempel Aldus matrixes!

It was on special two years ago…

Thanks for that link!! I will have to keep an eye on that to see if it comes up on special again. Being in the US I can safely double that rate and then add shipping!

Stempel Schriftenservice seems to have ceased its activity.

try Swamp Press in Massachusetts, i think i saw Palatino in his specimens

Rainer Gerstenberg, who casts the Type for the Schriftenservice Stempel would be happy to entertain any requests for information regarding the casting of type.

It is my understanding that about two weeks ago Ranier purchased the Stemple holdings from the museum and he will be running the foundry as his own privately owned type foundry, and I believe in the same location.

Thank’s for the info Fritz.

Thanks so much Fritz! I will have to contact him for more info.

Good news, I just spoke to Rainer Gerstenberg, who managed to buy all the material from Stempel Schriftenservice and who will continue to cast type. He will send me the new name, address etc. As soon as I’ve got it, I’ll post it here as well.

image: Rainer Gerstenberg.jpg

Rainer Gerstenberg.jpg

This is excellent news. Please keep us updated- I’d like very much to be a customer!

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress/The Dale Guild
Brooklyn, NY

Great News! I second Daniels comment!
(I’d even upvote if this was reddit)

Aldus is primarily a Linotype face. It appears that indeed D. Stempel AG, and now Schriften-Service D. Stempel hold mats for at least 10pt and 12pt, series numbers 1140 & 1141 which correspond to numbers shown in an undated Ausland•Probe.

Aldus was a face I sought to purchase for and therefore to make available the possibility of commercial setting, but was beat to the punch by Mark Barbour at the Printing Museum. I doubt those mats are doing anything now but gathering dust.

I’d certainly encourage anyone with the means to purchase type from Rainer Gerstenberg at S-S D. Stempel. It’s a critical resource.

mjb / interrobang letterpress /

Palatino is available from Rainer Gerstenberg. Submit your inquiry via the new website here:

Best regards: Lars

Wonderful, thanks!

Four years later, I’m happy to say we have acquired the rare German Linotype Aldus-Büchschrift (Palatino Book) in 8, 9, 10 and 12pt duplexed with italic. The fonts include small caps, lining and old style figures, accented cap and lower case characters, fractions, and unusually, the distinctly German ß, ft, ch and ck ligatures.