Chase maker (UK)

Probably a question for the Brits because of the postage, but can anyone recommend where I might get a spare chase for my Arab 13x9 made?
I’d be quite happy with a steel one - it might even give me a bigger print area than the original cast iron item.
Alternatively does anyone know where there might be a second hand original. They look like this….


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I’ve made a couple of chases out of the plywood they use for die cutting dies, the wooden ones work quite well.

i’m on “board” ;0 with the wood. if you have access to a large die maker, most toss out pretty big chunks on a regular basis. make it out of that if you can.

image: 2013-03-18_11-15-03_934.jpg


E T 3 possibilities 1st:- send me offline the outside dimensions and I could possibly find one suitable even if it meant inserting locating pins or milling the outside dimensions to fit, 2nd:- I could make you one from cutting forme multi-ply material with sufficient wall thickness to withstand reasonable lock up, I would of course, make a 1/16 of an inch rebate, around the outside and strap it with steel pallet strapping, to help withstand heavy lock, (but in view of several learned friends good advise, loading, a forme more than 50/60 % of your total impression area with solid print is a no/no, so you should not get into the, split the chase scenario!!!) 3rd:- option recently I purchased a billet of good quality steel about the same thickness as cutting forme base to make a series of chases, and although the steel cost a good sum, I can utilize it Russian Doll style and make progressively smaller chases down to baby Adana size if/when.>>> If all else fails give me a call. Good Luck, Mick, (Sussex)

Dick, call the feds off, in no way intended to steal your thunder!!! Apologies, just putting my slant on the situation, fully acknowledge you were first. Mick.

Mick, its not a race, steal all the thunder you want, i enjoy reading your posts, when the weather warms up i just might paddle my canoe across the pond and pay you a visit.

Chances of finding chases second hand are slim these days I’m afraid. Itss been close on ten years since I last saw an old printing works with this sort of stuff sitting in a corner.

You could take your existing chase to small machine shops and ask them for quotes on how much to make a dimensionally identical replica. You’ll need to emphasise that the inner face of the chase will have to be machined perfectly square to the upper and lower surfaces (otherwise the type will be ever so slightly inclined and you’ll have a lot of difficulty printing properly). If you’re anywhere near south east Wales there’s a firm that I can recommend - email me offline.