Ticket perf on Miehle V50x

I have looked and searched for this answer and I am sure it has been discussed before but cannot find it.
I have a very large run of tickets that need perforating both directions, I have seen before the recommended height of perf rule depending direction running (around or across cylinder)
The stock is 110# index and they want 10-12 teeth per inch.
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I have done long perf runs on a V45
add about .002-.003 to the rules across the cylinder.
Mylar or steel shim tape works under the die or form.

Might put some of the Foam (sticky one side) at least 3/8 wide. Its the same that you use for sealing air leaks around windows. Comes in a roll, you find it in the weatherization section. This helps to push the paper away from your perf rule on the chase. Will also help with any tendency that it may want to tear your paper as it pulls away from it.
Stick it right to the furniture right along the rule, usually one side of the rule is fine. But since you have corners, might help to put it on all four sides of the rules.

In most cases it aides on a clean perf.

Good Luck!

Contact your die maker for some rubber.whet I am (west of Boston) our die rubber is the red stuff. Buy some and glue it down with white glue. That’s what its for - right amount of compression to get the stock outbofbthe pert. Btw if run lenght not too long. I would go two passes this way you aren’t compromising one of the perfs.
Good luck and make some money
Ted Lavin

I use red rubber on longer runs, but i use double-sided tape, i find it easier to remove than glue. For a quicky fix or a short run i just tape 1/2” foam rubber over the whole form, after the first impression it will stick to therule and when done it can easily be removed and reused. But i like the weatherstripping idea, Theo for a young kid i think you have some great ideas.

Also, keep an eye on the condition of the perfabase. I’ve cut through it a few times on very long runs.

We have a stainless cutting jacket we used to use on the vert although i have no idea of the model No s we were running the jackets were off the shelf purchase from suppliers of jackets here (U.K). i used to use 21.80 crease and 22.30 perf with a bed plate and tissue behind the forme to bring the height to type high .
As mentioned above bear in mind you need different pressures around the cylinder in relation to work across it , if you only have one height you can always weight the horizontal rule with ordinary sellotape(scotchtape, or 3m clear) so long as the run is not very long , I use it on cylinders in the absence of .002 shimtape ,it works and helps with preserving the die tool in the long run because it gives a bit if you have not hit perfect level or height .

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