Mt.Pleasant June 29 Want to Buy/Sell…Printers Fair

Goin to Printers Fair in Mt. Pleasant June 29.
I want to SELL - 14” table top cutter. Strip material (leds & slugs) Composing sticks, HiSpeed quoins, Some ludlow fonts, Ludlow composing sticks, etc… Have lotts of LP stuff, what do you need???
Would Like To BUY- Ludlow fonts, sorts, specimen books. C&P 9x12 rollers & chase.
Hope to see you at the Fair.
James ‘Mac’ McGraw

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Got a pic of that cutter? Are knives available?

That cutter sounds cute.

It’s a nice little cutter. 14inch, 72lbs. easy to carry up/down steps, to a craft fair, etc. New knife, everything is fully adjusted, guaranteed to cut clean and square. Perhaps better than new! Ready to demo, Ready for your inspection, Ready to work. Asking $500.
Here are some pics.
See it in Mt. Pleasant.

image: grencut 006.JPG

grencut 006.JPG

image: grencut 005.JPG

grencut 005.JPG

image: grencut 004.JPG

grencut 004.JPG