replacement hose for heidelberg platen

Does anybody know what length of air hose I will need in order to replace all the main air hoses. I was just going to buy a length of reinforced air hose from a hose supplier.

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I bought my replacement hoses at the local hardware store, I didn’t get the reinforced hose.

Same here… Heavy rubber garden hose works pretty well.

I believe that 5/8” heater hose from the auto parts store also works very well. Buy a few feet to have extra on hand if your other hoses are still original cause they will be letting go eventually.

Ideally, (to be somewhere close to H/berg original) the Pressure Hoses need to be at, the very least for long term results!!! >>twin wall with nylon reinforcing sandwiched between, i.e sheet separator blast , delivery jogger, set off spray main output (pressure) from the pump.!!!
Vacuum piping, mainly sucker bar pick up, from the pump to the pick up valve, ideally should be INTERNAL spiral wound tubing, to stop collapsing, under sustained/prolonged running. Plenty of (keep it running) quick fixes. but the real deal, to
last !! seems the more favourable option.
Over time we have resorted to many *tricks* i.e.Michelin Man, style Auto hose, concertina/ribbed, for the tight curve on the sucker bar, good for the short term but tends to absorb chemicals and gets soft and gooey!!!
Vacuum cleaner hose works as well but needs a fair modicum of ingenuity or several reels of P.V.C. to adapt down to fit.?
Ordinary plastic pipe, (un-reinforced) for the pressure side is, generally O.K. short term, but under sustained running, always gets warm and bulges with time lag and or loss of pressure, and eventually pops?? Has happened and on the run, can be a little alarming.
Think that resume is Pie in the Sky, Look Up your Dizzy Gillespie, Trumpet Player,= bulging cheeks >>>same syndrome, different route maybe, but Dizzy has probably turned it to advantage.

Thanks everyone