Heidelberg Platen press

I’m wondering if it is at all possible to run a Heidelberg platen press on 220/230 volts, or that it’s imperative to have 380 volts. Is there anyone who can fill me in on that? Or, who’s running one on 220 v.

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I run on 220v 3-phase. I believe as long as your electric motor is capable of 1250 rpm and is 1.5 hp (?) you can use whatever will power your motor.

220 is Hot , neutral and Ground, but not 3 Phase.

3 Phase is 3 wires hot and Ground. the Plugs have 4 connectors

both my windmills are 220.

It doesn’t matter the voltage as long as the motor is 1.5 hp at least. many are running even on 120 V single phase in north america. 220/240 single or 3 phase makes no difference. Its just the HP that matters.


It’s not possible to wire a three phase motor to single phase power is it? I’ve seen 1.5hp 3phase motors and 1.5hp single phase motors. I’ve always thought that the only way to use a three phase motor on single phase power was a phase converter.


I have a kluge with a dc motor which requires a converter, and also a linotype with a 3 phase motor which requires a different convertor.

hi Brad, correct. But I assumed the question was, can he put a single phase motor on the platen? Yes he can. It need not be expensive, Any 1.5 to 2 hp 1750 (@60HZ) or 1400 (@50 HZ) motor will do just fine. Phase converters can be expensive and its much cheaper just to swap out the motor

My red ball (1964) was running in a production shop with a 1HP 120VAC 1800RPM single phase motor for years. I have been cleaning, learning, and test feeding the machine through the full speed range of the mechanical V-belt speed adjustment with no problem. At the upper end of the speed I found the motor load to approach 1HP. Since the spring loaded V-belt pulley on my machine is seriously compromised, and causing the motor (and the machine) to vibrate, I’ve decided to replace it with a 1HP three phase motor driven by a small VFD (fed by 220V single phase).


My mistake. I had assumed the original poster was asking about the particular motor already mounted on the machine.


The Poster is in the Netherlands and the question appliesto available solutions over there :)

hence my reply. He has 220 V single phase @ 50 HZ. no problem finding a motor albeit standard larger sizes generally come 220/380 V in EU.