Help identifying tool


We would really appreciate any help we can get in identifying this tool that we came across today in our shop.

Even a proper name for it, would give us a direction to start looking.


image: IMG_5829.JPG


image: IMG_5830.JPG


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Looks like a type-high gauge to me!

We were thinking Type High Low Gauge as well.

Searches through our reference books have not been helpful and Google searches have had no luck.

We will be listing for sale and want to be able to offer as accurate of a description as possible.

Thanks for the replies. If anyone else has anything to offer we would be interested in hearing from you.


I have one nearly the same as this, with the initials A.W.T. cast into the side. I have used it for a few years now, to check type high/low. Not as accurate as a precision micrometer, but does allow me to check quickly over a number of surface areas (edges vs. center, for example) with good results. I have found it very useful in many projects. Plus, just to see, I occasionally check the variations in height in old wood type fonts.


Thanks for the information Jim. You have been very helpful.

Paul and Kim

I have a similar type high gauge and used it to determine the high/low for my Goss letterpress web press. It was always easier to check stereo cast plates with the gauge before putting the stereo in the type form for lockup. Mine reads R. E. Kemper. No. Chatham, NY. Now I use it to check wood type at .918. Bob

Thank you Bob….you have been very helpful.