Ludlow Matrix Identification

I Just picked up some Ludlow Cabinets with matrices. Included was a matrix set that I have not seen before. The matrix is not made of brass. Not sure what it is made of but it is a grey metal. Also the font is outward, instead of well to case into. Does anyone know what this is and what it is used for?

image: ludlow_mat.jpg


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The font you have is Record Gothic Extended Reverse (font 6 RBEV) (white on black banner) which was only made in a 18 point size. The mats I believe are anodized aluminum, as I’ve seen the material used for another font of the same face.

Have the same font, it works well, I don’t use it very often, when I do I rub the face with an engravers rubbing stone after its cast, I also have a few border sets that are made of the same stuff, these mats don’t look like they would hold up to a lot of use, i’d rather have brass mats.

Thank you for this information. This was the first I have seen them not in brass. I also did not know there were Reverse fonts. The Ludlow Typefaces book I have does not have these.

I have seen a font of right reading reverse type, the man who had it did a mail order business making names that went on mail boxes, tried to get it but couldn’t beat the scrap man to it.

DickG where could a person find a engravers rubbing stone these days?

Winfred, they don’t make the engravers rubbing stones any more, the closest you can come to one is the eraser that hobby stores sell to the model train nuts, they use them to clean their tracks. If you send me your address i’ll send you one, I have an extra I picked up somewhere, I use them all the time, work great on lead type, mag or copper dies, they are like a hard eraser. I’ve used the same one for at least 30 years and the thing is only half used up.

Thanks a lot Dick. My address is…

Winfred Reed
Black Diamond Press
170 Norman Street
Hardy, Kentucky 41531

Appreciate this!