Craftsmen Letterpress - Printing Press (with Table/Letters)

Pretty sweet deal about to close on ebay for anyone in the Oregon area.

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Someone got that for a steal.

Right?! What a deal. I was curious about the bed of that press. Did anyone notice it looked like it had an inset of some kind?

Something like a cut-down bed on a platen press often signifies that it has been used for an over-type-height numbering machine. I have seen one 10x15 Kluge automatic with the entire bed cut down and a block to bolt in to bring the press up to type height. I know that, years ago, all the major celluloid button manufacturers had at least one press with a cut-down area in the chase bed to handle a machine with (usually) 1/2” figures for I.D. and permit badges, etc. Some of these machines required the use of outside mechanical or air trips to function. Frank.