I have acquired a number of type cases that have book fonts. The printer who had them use them for poetry books and other small format publications. My question is, does anyone know if they have any value or are they fonts that can be scrapped. I can’t believe I said that, but I don’t see myself ever using them, at least not in the quantity I have. Here is a list of the fonts.
Spectrum 12, 14 pt & italic
Bembo 12, 14 pt and italic
Van dijck 13 pt (very unusual) (7 full cases)
Attached is one of the van dijck cases. All of the cases are set up this way. Some fonts haven’t been used.
Thanks Larry

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If you offered them to printers at scrap value, you will make some printers very happy.

These are very nice typefaces and should find a good home!

Some of us that don’t have the time or money to acquire many fonts quickly would love to have additional type at a cheap price. I’m sure you could find a local printer that would take it. I know if I could find type at scrap value around me I’d snap it up.

Larry - just for the sake of our curiosity, where are you located?

I am very curious about this as well!

Larry, I sent you a couple of messages concerning the type through your Briar Press contact. I may be interested.

All are from Monotype-based foundries. Is there any indication of the origin, like font wrappers?
M&H Type has all mentioned, but probably others are possible. It’s nice to know if additional sources are available.
A complication is, sometimes new mats etc require a new alignment. That’s why M&H asks for samples to match.