Crane’s Palette

Does anyone know of a paper supplier/merchant who sells Crane’s Palette in smaller quantites (i.e. reams) ? I’ve made several calls today—to Crane and a local merchant authorized to sell Crane—to find out that I can only purchase Crane’s Palette by the carton. I love the colors available but for someone who is starting out, this is not possible. I’ve seen other discussions related to this topic, but it does not concern Crane’s Palette. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks.

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There is a quick mention of it in this post, but the conclusion is the same that you’ve reached- it’s only available in large quantities. There are some other good sources in the post that you may want to try out.

I’m not sure what you mean by Crane’s palette. What I do know is if you are buying the Lettra line in parent sheets and if a paper supplier stocks it then they can cut it down for you in manageable sizes.

Reams of paper refers to a 32 lb or 24 lb bond like letterhead paper. I shop at FasClampitt and the main warehouse stock most of the Lettra and envelopes. Talk with Frank or anyone that answers the phone, 972-487-5879, they ship all over the US. If it is reams then Crane’s online is your best bet.


I think for the moment you’re right — only available in huge quantities in large sheets. It’s my understanding that the stocking still hasn’t been decided upon.
Casey — “Palette” is the name Crane has given to their colored text and cover weight sheets, replacing “Signeture”.

Thanks for the replies. I guess for now I’ll have to forego Crane’s Palette.

This is what they are talking about:
I have the sample book and it seems like nice stuff, but the sheet sizes and minimum orders are a problem.

Daniel Morris
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Oh man, I’d love to print with this stuff. I learned my lesson and I took it off of my sample shelf. Once clients get a look at it, they want nothing else.

We tracked it down but the minimum order was way too high for the business card project we had in mind.

Why must purchasing paper be so particularly painful?

Out of curiosity what was the minimum order??



It was about $425, I think. Can’t recall how many sheets that got you, but it wasn’t nearly enough for the dough.

Wow thats more than I was thinking.. I would never be able to commit to one color so that won’t work for me!

Just bumping this post…

Has anyone found any recent sources?

I see now that a few colors (ecru, espresso and flame red are available on the website for crane, sold by 25 sheets) So likely we can get those cheaper from a reseller! I emailed my crane rep and he said they working on getting all the colors in smaller quantities (100 sheets per carton). So it just might happen!

Paper-papers has 10 colors available in small quantities in 8-1/2 x 11 and 11 x 17, and a few colors of envelopes. The envelopes are rather pricey. I’ve never purchased from them, but might be worth trying:

Hey Stewartdesign,

Can you post the link to where you found those colors? I don’t see it on their site anywhere.


we recently ordered 10 parent sheets of the 179lb directly from crane and the lady said it was the same thing as the crane cover… in white… and she lied. instead of the kid finish we got smooth and it is NOT the same thing as what is in our sample book. :(

Has anyone considered forming a paper co-op for orders such as these? i’m a member of several fabric co-ops where lots of people go in on large quantity orders with bulk minimums, and then the co-op “owner” splits it up and ships it out. Saves the end consumer some money and makes a product available to them that is otherwise unobtainable to an individual… I’m sure it would work with large paper orders.

Anyone have the inclination? Anyone? Bueller?

min of 250$