Where did you buy your rollers?

Best and worst places to buy rubber rollers from?

I have seen a range of prices, and im wondering if some are better than others. I have never had new rollers — and who knows where the ones I have came from (or how old they are..)

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Just use NA Graphics. That is about all you need to know. Talk to Fritz and he will help you get what is right for your press.


I can tell you where not to go: Roll Crafters. A year ago I sent them 3 form rollers to be re-covered and when I got them back and checked them out, found that they were out of round.

I immediately shipped them back and called them, explaining the problem. I was assured by the plant manager that they would re-do them and they also apologized for the problem.

Three weeks later with still no rollers I initiated a series of telephone calls which always resulted in being told that my rollers were going to be completed and shipped within a few days.

Three more weeks elapsed and I wound up contacting the company president who finally lit a fire under the production manager and I did receive the rollers which were fine.

I realize that mistakes can occur but this began in April and ended in July. Being fed a series of lies was inexcusable. Thank goodness I had a second set of rollers to use during this long saga.

Wow — that sounds just like what I want to avoid! I plan to keep my set and have another set done, so I am not with out my rollers.

Has any one bought the rubber rollers that Crocodile Industries (in Oregon) sells?


Mine came from the fine folks at the Tarheel Roller & Brayer Company.

I used RotaDyne http://www.rotadyne.com/new_page_117.htm, for my Windmill rollers, they did an excellent job.


I bought my set from NA Graphics, too. I’m very pleased with them.

I get all my rollers from Ramco Rollers in San Dimas, CA. Adrian and Jane are the nicest people to work with. I posted about them here: http://joiestudio.blogspot.com/2007/09/fun-with-rollers.html

Nils from Tagalong Press also posted: http://thetagalongpress.blogspot.com/2008/04/good-source-for-good-roller...

I purchase rollers for my GTO 52 from TRAD Rollers https://www.tradrollers.com/shop-by-roller/heibelberg-gto-52 ,Those guys are professional makers!

Like Casey, I use RotaDyne. Main reason is, I use Vandercooks, and RD used to be known as Ideal and they made rollers for Vandercook, when Vandercook was still around. Figure, at the very least, they should have the specs.


NA Graphics is the way to go. I had 1 roller that I needed refurbished, but Fritz kindly told me that it’s actually cheaper to just buy one new than pay for shipping both ways for the core. They sent me rollers and trucks in a timely fashion and a real quality roller.




Both have great rollers

The things to remember, rollers, ink and good type or image and packing is what a printer need to produce good work. Cutting corners will only add hours of reprinting to get the job done right.

I just purchased a set from Ramco Rollers and they are absolutely delightful to work with. Highly recommended.