Identifying Tool

I’m trying to identify this tool. I initially thought it was a type gauge but it is not type high in width or length. It comes out to about .609 or 39/64”. When I try to measure going lengthwise, there isn’t an obvious marking to indicate type high. My ruler gauge will not fit into this at all.

The person that I purchased this from sold it to me with a type gauge and this tool. He said they were together in a box… but he didn’t know what either of them were. So, I would think this to be something connected with letterpress but it could be something totally different. If it is with a letterpress it looks like it may have been attached to the press. Any suggestions would be really helpful.

image: tool2.jpeg


image: tool.jpeg


image: tool3.jpeg


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Its a *Yoke* for a peg or cam follower to drop into, as witness the Shaft Hole with facilities for Taper pin.
Probably the holes x 2 have one slightly smaller or larger to accept the Taper pin to key the Yoke to the shaft.

Before the P.C. fire of the Obligatory, contradictory, *It could be an OIL hole*, Yes if it was only ONE look closely.???

39/64” has no apparent equivalent in Metric, as above.
In the absence or unavailability of internal measuring device!!
Just try ordinary High Speed twist drills and with the *Virgin* unadulterated, Shank tried in the hole, will tell exactly what bore size.?
With imperial drills to begin with, probably read in at maybe 3/8” 1/2” 5/8” etc, perspective in the shots is not clear.

Thank you! I will do more research on my end now that I have a place to start.

well,,,,, it is just a hair under 5/8”. or just even a smaller hair under 15.5 mm. what kind of press is this supposedly for?
Kinda looks like a mount for a feed/delivery plate to slide in and out of. something goes into this bracket to position somewhat accurately. it probably pins to a shaft that rotates and there is quite possibly another bracket like this on that shaft.
If you have ever seen a heidelberg cylinder with a feeder pre-load attachment, this is similar, albeit much smaller, that the empty feed board slides into then lifts out of the way.

If the shaft to which this piece was attached was spring-loaded to one position, a rotating disc with a pin that entered the slot on each revolution could be used to rotate the shaft a short amount on each cycle — as for an ink fountain or similar mechanism.


it’s a spare part ;-)

There are several of these on the Hedelberg Cylilnder I run.

Thanks everyone! It’s a spare part. You might know… I don’t have a Heidelberg sitting around.