Can I print this on a cylinder press?

Can I print on 300gsm 110# paper in a cylinder press? (specifically Crane Lettra)

My gut says to stick to a platen press, but I’m not sure.

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People run that stock on cylinder presses all the time!

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

There are many cylinder presses with differing capabilities. On a Vandercook, it should be no problem. 110# Lettra is labelled as 21-point, which is the textbook maximum for a K-series Heidelberg cylinder. A Little Giant is listed at .018” maximum. In any case, you would need to run stock grain parallel to the cylinder.

The press in question is a Vandercook — so it should hopefully work!


Lettra should run totally fine on your Vandercook. I run it all the time on the #4. We also run it on our Heidelberg cylinder regularly, with no major problems.
In fact, we have even put the double thick lettra (the 2-ply, 220# stock) through the Heidelberg cylinder a few times and it works out all right, (with certain size restrictions).
good luck.

Thank you! I feel more confident in giving this a go!