Removing marks, transfering on Kluge feeder

I have a Kluge feeder on a C&P, my question is how can I eliminate getting “metal transfer from the bottom of the feeder as the sheets are brought forward to be picked up by the feeder bar. I have tried using silicone, but no help. any suggestions would be helpful.
Thank you

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I cover the bottom of the suckers with scotch tape. Cut out the hole in the tape. Works great.

you can either polish the elevated rails on the plate, (mother’s alum polish) or put something like electrical tape on the rails. polishing is best for a feeder that gets used alot, as, once done, the simple act of using it will keep it clean. the tape will work best for a feeder that is not used alot.

ericm has the right idea.
I use Stainless Steel adhesive Shim Tape on the raised aluminum rails of the Kluge feeder table. Rolls are available from Bar-Plate, or wherever fine die-cutting products are sold. Steel shim tape is more commonly used as make-ready behind cutting die rule, so you know it’s durable. The adhesive backing is less durable, and you may have to replace the steel tape every year or so. HINT: You don’t have to cover EVERY rail, just the two inside the widest bottom edge margin of your stock. I would recommend the “.002 gauge, or thicker for your purpose. Warning: the edge of steel shim tape is very sharp - exercise caution when handling!