Change temperature or pressure?????

I have a question about foil stamping, how can I tell if I need to change the temp or pressure to get a better transfer of foil on my windmill 10x15. The most common thing I am trying to eliminate is “extra” foil between letters or in centers of letters like:, e,a b,d, ect. Dies are from Owosswo and fool from APS, stock ranges from 24# letterhead to 80# cover for business cards. Any help would be appreciated.

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foils come in a variety of releases. either turn down your temp or switch to a “tighter” foil.

Fill in of foil is usually caused by too much heat, too deep an impression, textured stock or if press is so equipped dwell time. A common mistake is to crank up the heat to get running instead of waiting for the die heater to reach the set temp. Once you find out how long your heater takes to get where you want it program a timer to start the heater or do all the other set up tasks while your waiting.Some systems take up to an hour to reach operating temp. When running foil without a thermocouple device at high speed the cold stock can cool off your die causing you to increase heat. At the same time if it takes to long to change foil rolls the die can get too hot and cause fill ins. Hope this helps.

as Mike as stated heat management is key. it is very important. if you can’t maintain a givin heat window for your foil and application, you won’t get the results you want. that said, the most popular colors IE gold, silver, come in Many different “releases” they are each formulated for different applications. plastic, wood, paper, cloth, Etc. you are not going to have nice clean letters with a foil made to do broad panels. vice versa, a “tighter” type style foil is not going to want to do a broad panel. best bet is to talk to your foil supplier and tell them your problem. they will suggest something and possibly send you out some different samples to try.