Information about John DePol’s presses

Can anyone tell me what has become of the (I believe) two hand presses John DePol used — I think they were Albions. I think I’ve seen an engraving of his studio showing a full size Albion and a friend tells me he had a table-top one as well.


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Thanks, Paul — I was sure I’d get good info here!


DePol also used a Vandercook SP-15 in his later years that he sold to Theo Rehak at the Dale Guild Type Foundry.


If I remember right, Theo sold that SP-15 to Robin Price. Perry Tymeson might have sold it once more since then.


In the late 80s I had a long conversation with Mr. DePol about printing fine books letterpress. Mr. DePol advised that I use a Vandercook and “avoid getting bogged down in machinery”.

I had called Mr. DePol out of the blue for letterpress advice. He told me to call back at night when long distance rates were cheaper. Later that week he sent me a collection of all his engravings. I still have them all. What a great fellow!