What kind of press is this?

My first post here.
I picked this up for $5 at a local flea market last weekend.
(Image is also at http://johnpilgrim.net/reference/what-kind-of-press.jpg)
Someone built up the roller to type height, but it’s not clear if this was the original design intention.
There doesn’t seem to be any manufacturer’s ID on the piece.
For two color work, what would be the best way to get the paper to travel on the roller.

image: what-kind-of-press.jpg


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I’m not sure what kind of press, but generally I would put the paper on the form rather on the cylinder to print. Dick

Instead of trying to attach the paper to the roller, you might be better off making some kind of a little frisket to lay the paper flat and in register over the plate. Then just go over it with the roller to make the impression. There are some holes in the bed which could probably be used to make a little frame out of wood to hold the frisket, or maybe you could hinge it at one end like that on a Washington hand press.

This press is not suitable for close register two color printing. You could make a tympan and frisket assembly to hold the paper and get reasonably close register with care. Neil Giroux built one setup for his Poco proof press, and several other people have followed suit.