Found this gem in a box of sorts

I purchased several boxes of lead type and have been laboriously going through them when I have time. Surprisingly I have found full sets of 36’, 48’ and 72’ type! It has been time well spent. I am now looking to supplement those typefaces that are deficient. Here is one. I have researched it in the new and old books but cannot quite get a 100% match. It looks line one of the Gothic Outline Capital fonts (title 61?). But it is more extended and the tail on the “Q” is different. If you recognize this typeface I would really appreciate learning its identity. Thanks!

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Here are the jpgs

image: type-1b.jpg


image: type-1a.jpg


One of the later ATF fonts designed by Whedon Davis was Whedon’s Gothic Outline. I wonder if this font is that one. I don’t have my ATF information close at hand, but it might be good to check it out.

John H.

Definitely not Whedon Outline if McGrew knew anything, but I’d vote for Monotype Contour #1 (McGrew p. 102). I had some of this once (may still have somewhere) and I recognized it, but had to look up the name.


I agree with Bob, this appears to be Contour No.1, most likely cast by Monotype. However, if this is foundry cast, then it could have been issued by Marder, Luse or ATF or the Keystone foundry, but every time I have ever run across this face, the fonts were Monotype cast.

Thank you, I don’t have the McGrew book but will acquire it!