Die cutting 220# or greater

I have a job that requires die cutting a paper with an approx. caliper of 26. My cutting dies for 110# are type high, but for something this thick would it be prudent to use .911 or .908 cutting rule for the die?

I am cutting on a Windmill with a die jacket.


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You are diecutting not printing the die rule needs to penetrate the stock. Stay with .918.If everything is balanced and it still does not cut add makeready under plate a little at a time. I have run .050” matt board on H platen with .918 rule.

Yep, Mike’s right. The rule just wants to kiss the jacket, it has no idea what’s between itself and the platen. If you drop the rule down 7 or 10 thou it will leave that much of the paper uncut.

D’oh! Thanks so much guys, I totally should have realized that.

definately stay with the .918. you may want to ask for, when ordering the die, some variety of ejection rubber for this project. the “standard red” may be too hard for this. a softer “cream color” may be needed to allow for extra matrial. mention this to die maker and they should know what you are asking about.