Rapid clicking sound from motor when starting windmill

I ran my windmill on and off all day yesterday with no problems, but when I went to start it up this morning there was a rapid clicking sound coming from the motor. If I were to quickly turn it on and off so that the flywheel is still in motion I do not hear the sound. I only hear it from a dead start.

Is my motor going bad on me? :(

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Any idea if your motor has a start capacitor or other starter attached?



I think I figured it out, it seems I forgot to oil the nipple on the end of my motor shaft. I actually forgot it was even there, but I oiled it up good and no there is almost no sound at all.

I need to pay more attention to what I’m doing before I break something.

Did you check the belt? If the belt it worn there may be a small piece of rubber that is slapping the flywheel cover everytime it goes around? If the belt has some cracks in it and continues to break apart it may be time to replace it (there are instructions in the manual).


Well, I ran a few thousand impressions after oiling the clutch and no problem whatsoever. So everything is good. :)

My damn pulley comes loose every so often and I have to tighten those allen screws. Starts to make a godawful noise.

If the set screws are loosing during use. You can use a little bit of loctite and that should hold them. McMaster.com sells it. For 1/4” dia or smaller use 1810A27 for 1/4” and larger use 1810A27. The strengths are removable with a hand tool.

If the pulley is thick enough, using two allen setscrews, one short one on top of another, will keep everything from slipping, without Loctite.