Adjusting the roller arms - c&p 8x12 n/s

I purchased a c&p 8x12 new style several months ago and have only been printing using the top two rollers. I have a third one and attempted to use it just yesterday and ran into some problems. The arms holding the third roller (on the very bottom, it’s own arm) will not move in and out easily. The arms stay extended to the height of what it was on the ink disc all the way down the rails.

How do you adjust the tension on the springs so they freely adjust as the press opens and closes? I tried oiling the shaft, but didn’t have much luck. Do I need to replace something or am I missing an oil hole somewhere or is there some trick to get the arms to function correctly? Any insight is much appreciated.

Thank you

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probably no one has used the thrid roller for some time. Maybe some penetrating oil to loosen them up, i don’t think you want to mess with the springs, they should move in and out easily, with the springs pulling them back with their tension. Check to make sure there are springs. Good Luck Dick G.

dickg is correct. I expand on his answer.
If the problem is the same on both sides it is one of three things.
There are no springs
Both springs are broken
The pistons on the arms are binding in the cylinders
Hope it is the latter as the cure is relatively easy. Those springs are pretty strong and with a normally well lubricated cylinder, pulling the lower single arm up is difficult. If the piston is not smooth and shiny, it may well be corrosion or built up grunk that is binding it.
Pull the fixture/saddle well out and liberally apply penetrating oil or WD-40. Run the piston in and out many times and twist it. You have to get to the point that the spring will pull it back.
WD-40 is a good penetrant to free up parts. It is a poor lubricant. Once free, use oil and frequently.