Daughaday Improved Model 1

Looking at a self inking Daughaday Improved Model 1 for my first press. It does not come with rollers, trucks, or a core. Does anyone know if it’s difficult to find these parts for this press….or where I might find them?

Thanks for the help.

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Trucks and cores can be made. You just need to know the correct dimensions.

If there is a Kelsey in the size of your Daughaday, it’s quite possible that Kelsey rollers, cores, trunnions (trucks) MAY fit your press. It’s worth looking into as store bought Kelseys, though expensive, will likely be cheaper than custom-made. I’m using a set of 3x5 rollers on my Sigwalt, a perfect fit. Good Luck!

Kelsey is a close match for length, but the diameter is off. Daughaday used a larger diameter. We purchased a Daughaday Model press which was restored by a group I will not mention that tried to use Kelsey parts as being a correct replacement. Unusable.

You must measure your saddle bearing surface to determine the correct shaft diameter. Our Model 1 is smaller than the Kelsey core shaft diameter.

I have 2 of the model one They are very good presses just dont put to much pressor for a deep impression or it will brake the press in two they have a lot of power. I did just order two sets of rubber rollers and one composition. They are a custom size I could get you the size after I test them should be in next week . If you change your mind I would like a third one. If you could get a photo and put it up here I could look if anything dont look right.

image: small dog 2.jpg

small dog 2.jpg

image: daugday 1.jpg

daugday 1.jpg

I need to learn more about this press,
I am planning to buy it, but before I do, I was told I needed the following: the type, Megills spring pins, ink and type set holder to start printing. This is alright, but I need to know, is there a particular set of type and type set holder I need to search for for this particular press?

I also found this, but I have no idea if it would work since it says “C & P pilot kelsey”:

Any kind of help would work.

Sounds like you don’t need to learn more about the press- you need to learn more about printing. Take a workshop, learn about printing and the various tools of the trade, and how they work; what you’ll need will become a matter of fact and experience and will be worth more than comments from the peanut gallery (though it’s a gallery with some pretty expert nuts on this site!)

I do know that press, it is missing grippers. The Migells pins will work better anyways. Also missing chase and rollers and trucks. I have all of those in stock. One of asteeles kits would then give you a good start or at least get your hands dirty. It would be nice to take a class if you can find one. These presses have a .25 roller saddle you will not get a kelsey roller in them. All my 5x8 press rollers are pretty much the same price.