Advice needed! To windmill or not to windmill?

Hi, I recently got myself an Adana, and have been happily printing for about six months ago.
However, i finally have given in to the idea, that as wonderful as the Adana is, it is not ideal for the deep impression that im after.
I live in Dubai, a relatively modern and rich country. It is EXTREMELY hard to find any floor platen presses.
I went to see a heidelberg windmill GT that is for sale, and that is currently being used for numbering and die cutting.
Could that be used for letterpress?
To be honest when i first looked at it, i had no idea what i was looking at!
It was scary! Ideally i am looking for a CP 8X12, but that is impossible to find in Dubai, and shipping one from the US or UK is a nightmare.
I think it is a huge jump from an Adana, and most of what i know, is by reading these forums for several hours a day!
But i really need a floor press, I am seeking DEEP Crisp impression.

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It is a very large jump from a table top to a Windmill, but if that is all there is, then that’s all there is.

A Heidelberg Windmill is a very versatile and agile press that is very well suited for letterpress, including the deep impression movement that is now in vogue. It is not the greatest machine for short run (under 100 pieces) work, as the set is more meticulous than you would find on a hand fed press.

In whatever case, if you are interested in buying the press, make sure to demand training in the operation of the machine as part of the purchase. Also be sure to get the operator’s manual and parts book for your press and read BOTH numerous times. The Heidelberg “Hints for Pressman” book is also a good read—most of these can be found on line, but having paper copies at hand is handier sometimes.

Also note that a 10 x 15 Windmill is about 3000 pounds/1500 kg and takes up roughly a space 5 feet square.

Please, is there a difference between T Platen, heidelberg wilndmill, and Heidelberg GT? are they all the same?
Please take a look at the picture..

Can this be used for manual feeding?
The asking price is around 6000$ USD!

image: A4 T-Platen With Hot foil.JPG

A4 T-Platen With Hot foil.JPG

image: A4 T-Paten,hot foil.JPG

A4 T-Paten,hot foil.JPG

A Heidelberg T Platen is 10 x 15 inches or A4 , the GT is the Grosser Tiegel or A3, the picture shows a Heidelberg Tiegel 10 x 15 (A4) with Foiling Unit. They are automated Presses and can’t be fed by hand. The GT has a halfmoon Handel instead of the Ball.
That Press is perfect for Letterpress, multi color work with tight registration.

Btw, there has to be a wooden Board underneath the Press with Parts on it which are needed, to the right side of the Press is a Drawer which should have small Parts like Guides etc. That stuff if missing can be very expensive.

Hard to tell in the photos, but are rollers and chases included? You’ll be lost without them.

$6,000 seems awfully high for a windmill, but price is driven by supply and demand. If they are rare in Dubai, you may have no choice. It’s a fantastic press once you know how to use it. Respect it, though. It will take a hand off if you’re careless!

Jonsel, go buy a clean Windmill with a Foiling Unit, that Price is fine, even more so in Dubai, if you have no inkling what stuff goes for over there.

For the record, I have both hand-fed presses and a Windmill, and I would much sooner set a job of 100 copies up on the Windmill than I would hand-fed. They are extremely easy to use once you get to know them, and I’ve only ran 15 or 20 jobs on mine since I got it a month or two ago.

Thanks you guys, I still have not looked at the press myself.
But will visit it soon. I still am unsure of it though, first of all, i intended to print from my spare bedroom, for which a C&P is perfect, this heidelberg will not even get through my front door.
Also, i am quite worried about how safe it is, as i have a very cheeky dog and pesky cat in the apartment.
If i get this press, then i have to rent a warehouse, or garage somewhere, (VERY expensive in Dubai).
Typenut, youre right that Dubai is very expensive, Standard and cost of living is very high, which is why i would happily pay 6000 $, but this press seems too much for me!
PS. on the other hand, if ANYBODY has a press for sale, and is willing to ship it over, all costs will be paid for, i will love you forever.

I think you will find pets generally stay clear of the equipment when it is making noise, but I suppose that might depend on the pet.

The biggest problem might be getting the press in a typical house or apartment doorway.