Is this a good deal or not?

Hi, I found some metal type and cases at a print supply shop.
There are I think 10 drawers and the metal type.
They want approx. 200 bucks.
Is this a good deal or not?
Pardon the crappy mobile phone photos.

image: Photo-0047.jpg


image: Photo-0048.jpg


image: Photo-0049.jpg


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The cabinet looks good. However, with all the stuff around it did you find any damage to the cabinet? This looks like a narrow type cabinet so you’ll have to find the other cases which could be easy or difficult. By the looks of the cabinet and stacked type cases I couldn’t imagine the metal type complete. I’d give them $125.00 for those concerns.

Inky Lips Press

Casey is correct, the cases are 2/3 size cases, which are convenient if you don’t have a lot of space to dedicate to your printing shop. It is difficult to tell from the photos, but it is important that you have a complete font in each case with a good number of each character you will be using. If you are happy with the type face, and there is a fair amount of type in each case, $20.00/ case is not a bad price (assuming the type is not totally worn out).

When I first got involved with buying type, I was 13 years old, and a new acquaintance provided me with some advice I still remember (but no longer follow) which was to pay no more than 25 cents per pound for used type. That was when scrap typemetal sold for 10 cents per pound.

If the stuff looks usable and useful, the $200 may be well spent, as you would pay that for less than two cases filled with new type. Many people really love those 2/3 size cases for their space-saving qualities as I mentioned before.

John Henry

@cmcgarr, I think he told me there are 10 cases.. which is what the cabinet takes.. supposedly, but I think the cabinet fits more like 12..
the type is probably a bit mixed and incomplete.. But I bet I could make some work with it.. there is some tiny tiny type..
and some small to medium.

I will try and see if I can have him lower the price a bit.

Thanks guys.