Is anyone interested in type high end grain maple trimmings?

I make wood type and as a byproduct I have a lot of small pieces of end grain maple cutoffs and occasionally larger pieces that are not quite right for using for fonts.

I would rather (for a small price) send these on to someone who will use them for creative projects.


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I’m sort of a newbie, but could this be used as furniture?.. let me answer my own question, now that I think of it: no.. because it’s type high..
It could be used to produce engravings or smaller woodtype.. right?
I hope you do find someone who is interested :)

Why not sell the smaller pieces in grab-bags, of however many square inches, and the larger pieces individually. I’d certainly be interested.


I would be interested in purchasing some of the trimming.

I actually already have a project in mind that I’ve been contemplating. I would LOVE some.

ditto on loving some, I sent an email too.

I would like some too.

And me too :-)
Gott grüß die Kunst

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Count me in!

Yes please :)

I will post photos and a link to place an order tomorrow and also respond directly to each person who has responded.

The package will be a small Priority Mail prepaid box entirely filled for $25 including postage for the US. I have no idea what international shipping would be but I will find out.

The contents will be end grain maple, type high, with a good shellac finish. These are trimmings primarily, so for the most part they will be up to 10 picas tall and less in width. I will put larger pieces in each box. Some pieces are only close to type high, some have blemishes and other problems. Most pieces will need to be trimmed.

Everything should print but may take some makeready.

I now have this listed on my web site for sale. I would like to thank everyone for their responses.

I forgot the photo. Here it is.

image: Type Wood500.jpg

Type Wood500.jpg