Press brand logos

Hello everyone, it’s me again. I realize that I’d been posting quite frequently lately, I hope it doesn’t bother anyone.

This new thread is to request if anyone has ever taken the time to vectorize any of the press logos, like C&P (also Craftsman), Heidelberg, Vandercook, and so on.

If anyone has any vectors that could share, I’d appreciate, if not.. any high res scan of any printed ad, or leads on to where I could find the aforementioned, will be highly appreciated.

I promise to share them here once I scan them and redraw them.

Also any hints on fonts for any of the logos will make my job easier.

Thanks everyone!

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A quick google netted the following:

There is a nice version of a C&P logo at Dave Hughes’ site:

>Also any hints on fonts for any of the logos

I certainly don’t know, but I would suspect that most logos were hand lettered, not typeset.

David M.