Homemade Handpress

After searching without success for an affordable handpress with a large platen (Albion, Colombian or the like) I decided to have a go at making my own. After a few months of tweaking and adjusting it’s now printing pretty well with nice and even pressure across the whole 35x50cm platen.

It’s a solid little machine which suits my needs as a small-time poster maker for bands in my local area.

I know there’s a lot of people out there looking to build their own hand press so I thought I’d share my small success here. You can see an early prototype in action over at youtuber here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Oaob37lr-U


Oily Rag Print and Design

image: P8011012pp.jpeg


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Jacob…. I like your press design! I’ve built and seen a number of hand-presses through the years, but I’ve not seen one built with a geared screw-jack before. Good work! It’s good to see other folks building their own presses.

I’m surprised someone here hasn’t posted something telling you that it won’t work. LOL… but I guess the video proves that it will!

Great press! Nice design.

I was looking at a video of Shepard Fairy at Pace Prints in Brooklyn, and I saw what looked like a handpress made from a very large hydraulic press. Same basic structure as yours. Thought everyone might enjoy seeing another approach.


Detail pics:

image: picture 2.jpg

picture 2.jpg

image: Picture 1.png

Picture 1.png

Those plates look very awesome. How are those made? CNC? Laser? Are they like zinc plates?
I would love to make something like that. This is very much like what I’d like to do.
The idea of using a hydraulic press makes a lot of sense, for the size of the prints and the pressure it can exert.
Maybe that’s a good viable alternative to an etching press I think… well different uses also. This works more for those seemingly steel plates which you won’t easily crush, unlike wood or linoleum.
I see they also have an etching press there.