What do you think?

I was walking down the street tonight, and in the corner of a fenced parking lot, there were three big objects that caught my attention. Mainly one, that looked like a plate-maker, and when I tried to get close and get a good look, something else closer to the fence was blocking my view. In the low light there was I managed to make out it was a sort of light table, but very big.
And the other object was a dark-room safety door (the cylindric kind).
These things look like they’ve been there in that corner for quite some time.

Is it possible that these machines could be fixed and used them for making p.p. plates?

I want to know your opinion before I go through the hassle of asking about them and ask to buy them as junk.

I’ll try to snap some photos tomorrow and post them here.

Thanks for your opinions.

- Enrique

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Reminds me of the time a fellow described what appeared to be an Acorn iron handpress he saw in a warehouse of junk. Pure lust. Fortunately, I never followed up on it.

If there was a light table next to the plate-maker likely not a photopolymer plate processor. There is a concurrent thread here on alternative processing that you might look at.

The problem is what works successfully for one won’t work for another unless it is so carefully explained it is fool proof. Never happens.


This is the machine in question. But I suspect this is not meant for Photopolymer Plates.

Gerald, would you be kind enough to enlighten me on this machine, if you happen to know anything about it?

Thank you!

image: pcpp2.jpg


image: pcpp.jpg


Yep, not for photopolymer. That’s a plate processor for sensitized aluminium plates for offset litho. No light involved, just sends plates through a chemical washout bath.

Thanks, Modernman.

Too bad.. hopefully I’ll find something used that still works and at a good price.