I still don’t understand how to use guides to print properly (Heidelberg windmill). I have the manual but I can’t “read between the lines,” so to speak, and figure out what I’m doing. Is there anyone here who can help me? It would really help me out.


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Do you have the manual it explains the process of using guides.

You can download it from


I am just repeating what’s in the manual, but it’s really not complicated.

Press adjustments necessary: Set the left feed standard to the according position depending on type of guide used. Engage lay bar movement by pulling up knurled knob connected to the lay bar assembly on the flywheel side of the platen. On the gripper head, adjust the insert on the cam to the position marked “with guides” to force the grippers open once they reach the edge of the platen.

Lock your form up to the lower-right-hand side of your chase. Install guides (brass or nickel, I would recommend brass) on lay bar as well as pin on outer guide. Make sure that pin does not contact any type matter. Buy the pins from NA Graphics or use paper clips.

As the press feeds the sheet, it’s dropped by the gripper onto the lay bar which is adjustable up or down at either end by 4 points (I think, something like that) and feeds into the side-guide that raises into that little hole on your grippers. It’s also adjustable in or out.

Adjust the lay and side guides to get your sheet in perfect register and you’re good to go. If you need to move the guides farther than they can (i.e. more than 4 or so points) you need to adjust your lockup, not your guides.

Note . try too not have the sidelay fully in or fully out as this can cause you poor lays on some stocks ,.