Check this out!!!

I just came across this web site that has a wealth of useful information about letterpress. I think every letterpress printer should as least look at it. I have been in the industry almost 40 years and there is information there I did not know, but I am going to use.

Check it out - here is the link

Please post what you think of the information.

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This is a great cross section of information for professionals who need to print accurately, as well as make time. I also really like how he articulates the use of opaque white. I’m always running on about the need for opaque white vs transparent white, but can never seem to get my point across!

If you want a colour you find the means to get it , every one colour is different and there are as many means to reach the colour as there are colours themselves . I once came across a chap who produced his own carbon burning candles under plate glass and harvested the soot , mixing this with white acrylic adhesive he produced his own black “ink”. Everyone to their own shall we say !!
An informative read for the uninitiated , has good points to it . Never heard of using clove oil but hey i ran a disc ruler and an added ingredient of the ink on that came via the call of nature, maybe why mum told us not to chew bits of exercise book paper for our pea shooters !!!!