Original steel trucks or new nylon trucks

Hey all

My wife and just got a Golding jobber 6 and have sent the cores to get recovered with the original steel trucks. I made new nylon trucks fo our pearl and was wondering whethere people prefer one over the other. My only thought is that the nylon will prevent the rails from getting worn. Since I’ve got a lathe at work and material, the only cost is my time.



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The plastic (nylon or Delrin) trucks are quieter too.


I’ve had both solid steel trucks and Morgan Expansion Roller Trucks on a C&P 8X12, and now I have nylon trucks on a Golding Pearl 7X11. I’ve only done about 8 individual runs on the Pearl with the nylon trucks, but so far they are fine.

Your point about preventing further wear on the rails with nylon trucks, is a very strong reason to use them, in my opinion.

In machines generally, at points where a pair of parts contact each other and wear is unavoidable, machine designers often make the less expensive, easier-to-replace one of the pair of parts out of softer material. This saves the more expensive, harder to replace part, which cuts down cost and maintenance time. Unfortunately, printing press designers didn’t always do this in the 19th century, but I’m sure they weren’t designing presses to last 100+ years either! However, now that we want to keep our 100+ year old presses running, we need to use every technique we can to reduce wear.