Adding a treadle to a C&P 8x12 NS

I have a C&P 8x12 NS with a variable speed control motor. I am interested in adding a treadle but not sure if my press is equipped for this. What should I look for to see if my press has “the goods” to add a treadle?

image: img_0086.jpg


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The flywheel/gear shaft should have a crank offset in the middle of the press, which is where the treadle hook fits to pull down on the crank. Later presses made for motorized operation sometimes were equipped with a straight flywheel shaft — if that’s how yours is you will need a different shaft to use a treadle with the press.


The press is circa 1926 and I believe the shaft is not straight. It is like a U in the middle. Does that make sense?

If the main shaft (upon which the flywheel is mounted) is a straight shaft, a treadle can not be mounted. If, however, there is an offset crook in the center of the shaft, you should be able to fit a treadle to the press.

For an example see the photo of the Liberty #4 press in the Briar Press museum. While this press differs significantly from your C&P, you can see the shaft offset very well in this photo. The shaft on the C&P would have to look something like this one in order to mount a treadle.

John Henry

okay… i found a bad photo that i had of my press. i think it is as you are describing. i know it isn’t a straight shaft so it sounds like it is good to go. ;)

The photo clearly shows a offset section of the shaft and you’re good to go for a treadle.

So I am in a similar situation… my C&P 10x15 has an offset shaft, but my question is how to do you attach?

There should be a hook which connects the treadle to the shaft - I got both for my 8x12 from Hern Iron Works.

I was hasty in the beginning and ended up buying a hook and treadle before I realized my 8x12 had a straight shaft. I’m motorized now so it’s no big deal, but if you want my hook and treadle I’ll sell them to you for really, really cheap. Where are you located?

EDIT: Oops, just realized yours is New Style and mine is Old Style. Does anyone know if the treadle and hook are compatible?

Could anyone post an up-close picture of the treadle attached from all angles? It would be greatly appreciated! (and if its a c&P 10x15 that would be even better!!)