Getting a plate made…

Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone knew of a company that casts plates for the letterpress? I’ve designed what I want on computer, so was hoping to send it off to a place to get cast? Or does this place not exist?


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Boxcar Press for photopolymer

Owosso Graphics for copper or zinc

Owosso Graphic Arts does not do zinc cuts to my knowledge. It does do magnesium.

In the UK, Peacock Blockmakers will produce photopolymer blocks from your artwork (and I think they promise 24hr turnaround). 01442 872956

Cheers guys, preferably UK based casters. Also is magnesium better than polymer in your experience?

Cheers again,

@trouserpress: Cheers mate, will give them a buzz

Magnesium is less finicky than photopolymer to ink up based on years of discussions here. It also corrodes fairly readily unless carefully protected between uses. Copper is best of all, but costs more than the other options. Both magnesium and copper can be mounted on wood and can be cut to any size. Photopolymer requires a special, reusable base that is expensive and always the same size. That can be awkward if you only want to print a small detail.

Thanks Arie.

What do you find is the best way to mount a magnesium (16 gauge) plate onto wood? or MDF? Tape or glue?


19at, in the yellow page section right here at briarpress
there are 61 listings for plate and die makers! best james

I have Owosso mount the plates on wood for me at a slight extra charge. I have used double sided plastic carpet tape with good effect to stick down a wide variety of materials to a wooden base. I’ve also use spray on glue, but that seems to work best on porous materials. I print mostly with a platen press and have had no problems with shifting of the plates in press.

Platen double sided is sufficient to hold for non register work , for colour work its best to pin them down also for cylinders you should pin them to the block .