First Big Platen

Hey all, I need some advice!
I’m finally probably buying a press of some considerable size. And I wanted to ask you all about this offer given to me. I’m not sure the price yet but it’s a friend of the family and I’m assured it’ll be a bargin. What do you think of this description:

Press specs:
Chandler and Price
10 x 15 inches
Does not know weight but said “is not too heavy”
Has a repaired break on left side and he does not believe that repair affects performance, printing quality or ability to be serviceable for the future.
Max front to back (operator side) 55 inches (machine only does not include space for operator to stand)
57 inches tall
44 inches side to side

I’m specifically curious about the repair. What do you all know about repaired breaks?

Attached are the photos I was given.


image: Image001-1.jpg


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The press weighs about 1650 lbs.

What part of the press was broken and repaired?

Do you know what a SWAG is? Even if one of us was there to see the repaired iron, our evaluation would be a SWAG.
The proof is in the pudding. The press is to first be cycled by hand. Next it would be very good to see the printed piece.
It looks like it was used in a real shop. The statement that it is not impaired by the repair may be valid.

Super helpful! I actually don’t know what SWAG is. It sounds bad.

And I’m asking about the broken and repaired part.

SWAG = Silly or Scientific Wild Ass Guess…


Nate, can you take a good, clear picture of the piece that was broken a post it here? Can you ask the owner to explain what piece was repaired? You won’t get much of an answer until somebody knows what you are talking about.

Winfred Reed

Im new to all this to but ‘not too heavy’, haha. I just picked up a 10x15 OS myself and by no means were those used.